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ICFP 2016
Sun 18 - Sat 24 September 2016 Nara, Japan
Sat 24 Sep 2016 11:00 - 11:25 at Conference Room 1 - Pluggability and Modularity

GHC provides a plugin interface for writing type checker plugins and for some time also frontend plugins. The plugin interface, however could be much more powerful.

With the addition of a few new hooks, more powerful plugins can be build that can control the compilation pipeline and other parts of ghc.

This talk will outline what is currently possible, and what new hooks the author has in development, as well as issues arising from using the plugin interface.

Sat 24 Sep
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10:35 - 11:25: HIW - Pluggability and Modularity at Conference Room 1
hiw-2016-papers10:35 - 11:00
Edward Z. YangStanford University
hiw-2016-papers11:00 - 11:25