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ICFP 2016
Sun 18 - Sat 24 September 2016 Nara, Japan
Mon 19 Sep 2016 15:40 - 16:05 at Noh Theater - Session 3 Chair(s): Neel Krishnaswami

Contracts feel misunderstood, especially those with a higher-order soul. While software engineers appreciate contracts as tools for articulating the interface between components, functional programmers desperately search for their types and meaning, completely forgetting about their pragmatics.

This gem presents a novel analysis of contract systems. Applied to the higher-order kind, this analysis reveals their large and clearly unappreciated software engineering potential. Three sample applications illustrate where this kind of exploration may lead.

Mon 19 Sep
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15:15 - 16:30: Research Papers - Session 3 at Noh Theater
Chair(s): Neel KrishnaswamiUniversity of Birmingham, UK
icfp-2016-papers15:15 - 15:40
Max NewNortheastern University, William J. BowmanNortheastern University, Amal AhmedNortheastern University
icfp-2016-papers15:40 - 16:05
Christos DimoulasHarvard University, Max NewNortheastern University, Robby FindlerNorthwestern University, Matthias FelleisenNortheastern University
icfp-2016-papers16:05 - 16:30
Ezgi ÇiçekMPI-SWS, Germany, Zoe ParaskevopoulouPrinceton University, USA, Deepak GargMPI-SWS, Germany